The Pulse Cats are a collection of audio reactive big cats drawn in VR, minted on PulseChain

Each Pulse Cat is unique, drawn completely in VR and functions as an entire immersive audio reactive scene, coming with both 3D (.glb) and VR (.tilt) files for two versions of the cat, one with the background and one without, as well as instructions on how to load the cats in VR, in AR apps, and in Unity.


Immersive VR Experiences

Music Videos / Visualizer

Augmented Reality

Metaverse Stuff 


When mint? 

Stay tuned...

How does this work? 

You can now access your files through Darkblock! Connect your wallet and navigate to "Unlockable NFTs" to find your cat.

Each NFT grants access to a compressed .zip file that will contain the following files below. 

For the full audio reactive VR experience, you must have a PCVR setup with either Open Brush or Tilt Brush installed. The audio reactivity will NOT work with the Meta Quest 2. You can also get the audio reactivity to work on your PC in Unity with the tilt/open brush SDK. Be aware that because these were created in Tilt Brush instead of an app like blender, there may be some limitations to what you can do with the files.

For Augmented Reality, you will need to use an app like ARloopa or Styly. Keep in mind the cats will look different without the audio reactivity! 

To get it to load properly in your favorite metaverse, you may need to use the Open Brush SDK for Unity for the shaders to load properly, without this the cats may look very different than you expect! I have gotten it to work for VR chat, but have not gotten it to look as great in Spatial.

Will this work on the Meta Quest 2?

Only the version of your cat without the background will be able to load in Tilt Brush on the Quest 2. Unfortunately the audio reactivity feature does not work on the Quest 2. 

For reference, I use a Valve Index HMD on an Alienware Aurora with 32GB RAM and an NVIDIA RTX 3080 to create these. A PCVR setup is recommended over Quest 2 for the full audio reactive experience. 

Audio reactivity will also work in Unity for those without a headset.

Breeding & Mutation


Those who have more than one pulsecat will have the opportunity to "breed" their cats to get a third pulsecat with combined traits. The way this will work is by buying a PulseCub NFT. This NFT will give you access to a custom form through where you can select the traits (and which cats to breed if you have more than 2) you want in the hybrid pulsecat. Once the art is completed it will be sent to the address with the Cub. Alternatively if you're not worried about doxxing yourself to me we can discuss via DM on twitter or telegram.


There will be limited opportunities to change the background of your cats by "mutating" them. The first opportunity will be by listing three 9mm pyramids. You will receive a 9mm octahedron in exchange and can choose a PulseCat that you would like to change the background of to have pyramids. If you have more than 1 pulsecat in the wallet you can access a form via darkblock to decide which cat to mutate, or just DM me. This background change will also apply to your Base chain copy of the cat.